DC Pathankot: Healed corona positive patients can save the lives of other corona positive people by donating plasma


Pathankot, August 2 (Rajinder Singh Rajan Bureau Chief) Coronavirus has been spreading in Pathankot district for the last 4-5 months and the district administration in collaboration with the health department is making efforts to reduce the impact of Coronavirus. And more and more people are being made aware. Plasma donors are needed at this time to treat more corona positive patients. While on duty in Pathankot district, S.I. Mandeep Salgotra, who was suffering from COVID-19 disease, has now returned to duty after recovering and has donated his blood plasma for the treatment of the rest of the patients and has encouraged the rest of the people to donate plasma as well.

It may be recalled that till date about 300 people in Pathankot district have been cured of Corona disease and if they also donate plasma then it could prove to be a boon for other Corona sufferers.

 Disclosing this here today Dr. Bhupinder Singh, Civil Surgeon, Pathankot said that according to Indian Council for Medical Research, steps can be taken to cure a patient infected with Coronavirus with plasma therapy. He said that different elements are found in the blood of a person and when a person recovers from a disease then the disease-free plasma elements enter the body of that person which makes other people suffer from the same disease. So those patients can also be cured by mixing the plasma elements of that person in their blood.
He said that according to experts, antibody plasmas can only be taken by a person who has completed 14 days of recovery and after that two more tests are done on that person to make it clear that the person has Corona has completely defeated the disease. The patient’s ELISA test is then used to determine what antibodies are in the person’s blood and in what number. This is followed by the necessary tests for blood transfusions so that plasmas can be used. Plasma therapy in China and South Korea has been successful in curing coronary heart disease.

How Plasma Therapy Works —– It is worth mentioning that there are different elements in the blood found in our body and by a method, only the element that is needed is extracted from the blood and by separating it from the blood. The rest of the blood is sent back to the same body. 800 ml from one person Plasmas can be taken and then four people can be cured of the disease. Plasma begins to work in the body within the next 48 to 72 hours of the person receiving the plasma.

Deputy Commissioner Pathankot  Sanyam Agarwal said that just as Mandeep Salgotra has set an example in the Pathankot district by donating plasma, who have recovered by winning the Corona. People should come out and be an inspiration to other people. He said that the plasma donated by the patients of cured coronavirus could save the lives of other corona virus-infected people.

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